It Happens! Professional Wastewater Management

Who are we?

It Happens! is a fully accredited maintenance provider of wastewater systems, specializing in wastewater management. Our goal is to ensure that our groundwater will be properly cared for and safe for our children and grandchildren.

Our primary purpose is the maintenance of functional wastewater systems. We are the people who ensure that your septic system is performing at it's optimal level.

Regular maintenance significantly prolongs the life span of wastewater systems. Should your wastewater system be dysfunctional or in need of repair we can also get it back in working order.

What do we do?

On our first visit we will take a look at your maintenance plan (if one is available). We will then do the necessary checks/corrections/flushes ("the maintenance") in order to assess how well your wastewater system functions.

After this initial visit we will write a certified report including possible suggestions regarding what to do to improve the system or get it back to code as laid out by the Sewerage System Regulation.

We will also inform you about when the system should be pumped out, at which time we will be present to inspect the inside of the tank and possibly clean or repair mechanisms.

If you are the owner of a new treatment plant you may already have maintenance included in your price but this usually does not include the entire system. We can complete the rest of the system maintenance to provide full coverage and of course can take over when the manufacturer maintenance runs out.

Need an installation, or other assistance regarding your wastewater system? 
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